The Cat Hotel

About the Cat Hotel

When you go away you want to know that your cat is safe, secure and of course comfortable. Our cat hotel has been built with your cat's comfort in mind. You can leave your cat with us and know that they will be safe, secure and, most importantly of all, happy in our luxury accommodation.

Our facilities

  • air-conditioned.
  • Each cat has it's own room with space to stretch their legs
  • a scratching post to have a scratch on
  • their own cat-loo
  • ​lots of toys to play with.
  • All food is supplied- we will feed your cat Royal Canin food while they are here.
Book My Cat's stay at the Cat Hotel
1 cat per room, 21.50 per night
2 cats per room, 39.90 per room per night.
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Weekend Vet



Only want to work weekends? Not available during the week?  

Want to work as part of a supportive team?

Love helping clients as well as their pets?

We are looking for a vet to join us to provide consultation and emergency service for our local community on Saturday mornings with some on call time on some Saturdays and Sundays. 

If you think you fit the bill and may be interested then please get in contact with Danny, our Practice Manager or leave your details below and he'll contact you.

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